International Conference on Computational
Intelligence & Computing (ICCIC-- 2020ne) Jhansi, India, FEBRUARY 19-20, 2021

Publication of the Proceedings

The proceedings of the International Conference ICCIC 2020ne will be published in Algorithms for Intelligent Systems ( by Springer AG, Germany. This book series publishes research on the analysis and development of algorithms for intelligent systems with their applications to various real-world problems. It covers research related to autonomous agents, multi-agent systems, behavioural modelling, reinforcement learning, game theory, mechanism design, machine learning, meta-heuristic search, optimization, planning and scheduling, artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence and other algorithms for intelligent systems.  

The book series includes recent advancements, modification and applications of the artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, artificial immune systems, fuzzy system, autonomous and multi agent systems, machine learning and other intelligent systems related areas. The material will be beneficial for the graduate students, post- graduate students as well as the researchers who want a broader view of advances in algorithms for intelligent systems. The contents will also be useful to the researchers from other fields who have no knowledge of the power of intelligent systems, e.g. the researchers in the field of bioinformatics, biochemists, mechanical and chemical engineers, economists, musicians and medical practitioners.

The extended version of some selected papers will be uploaded into a special issue entitled “Multifaceted Intelligent Computing Systems (MICS)” for publication into the NASA journal, Innovation in Systems and Software Engineering(ISSE), Springer Nature (SCIMago, ACM Digital Library, DBLP, Scopus)